Three hundred and twenty formal meetings, conducted by eighty-four representatives from forty-seven pharmaceutical companies and services.

This is the result of Pharma Meeting Brazil 2011 event which had its fourth edition held in May, 18th in Sao Paulo-SP. 

The 2011 edition overcome the previous editions in many aspects.

 The first one refers to the large number of foreign companies present.  Pharmaceutical companies from Austria, Spain, USA, Holland and Italy were among the participants, demonstrating international interest in Brazil. Another point was the record number of participants from the areas of business development, marketing, administrative and development of products, among others. During the meeting, each participant had the opportunity to perform up to twenty formal meetings, in addition to the large number of informal contacts held during the coffee breaks and lunch. In this context, it is interesting to note that, despite the meetings be scheduled in advance, according to the degree of interest shown by the participants, the informal meetings were very frequent, allowing additional professional contacts to those planned initially. The diversity of companies was another highlight. The large contingent of pharmaceutical industries present shared space with companies that base their activities on research and development of new drugs, as well as incubators, research funding agencies, technology vendors and consulting companies specialized in the pharmaceutical segment.

These are some of the reasons that cause the Pharma Meeting Brazil is considered an essential event for all companies and professionals who have as objective to develop new business with the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Meeting Brazil 2012 is scheduled to May, 16th in São Paulo, Brazil.